Public Access


Allows teachers, staff and pupils to bring their own devices into the school and access the Internet in a Secure and Filtered Manner.

As iboss is a ‘transparent’ Filter it sees all traffic on the network and can therefore apply a filtering policy to unknown devices i.e. those bought in.

Once the device is associated with your Wifi and accessing the Internet teachers and staff can elevate their access rights by entering a password and continue to access sites denied to pupils.

Public Access via WiFi

Allowing the Internet to be accessed via an open WiFi gives schools flexibility but brings with it security implications. Protect your school by deploying our Captive Portal access that assigns a log-in and Password to each device giving them a temporary very restricted account.

The expiry of this accounts Internet access can also be predetermined as can the filtering profile that is associated with it. Reports on all Public Access Internet usage come as standard.