emPSN (East Midlands Public Services Network), originally known as embc (East Midlands Broadband Consortium),was established in 2001 to provide broadband connectivity and services into schools across the East Midlands region.

emPSN works primarily within the regions of Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Northamptonshire & Leicestershire and is owned by the schools and Local Authorities that use the emPSN network.

The emPSN network, which protects all users and data, provides more than just an internet connection to their members.

emPSN is a not for profit organisation that exists to provide a range of broadband connectivity services to schools at low costs and they do this by working closely with a number of different connectivity, e-Safety and IT support companies.

Thus emPSN is able to provide a procurement service to schools offering the best value option available in that area.

emPSN have an excellent track record of connecting schools to a high quality schools network that has high level security assurance and is regulated and managed 24/7.

emPSN JaNET enabled connection

A dedicated school’s connection, protected by enterprise firewalls and fully resilient Nodes with redundancy built in. Also benefits from many Interconnects which means that traffic to Office 365, Google Apps and MS Updates stays on network, increasing the speed and reliability of updates.

  • The emPSN schools network connection connects your school directly onto a dedicated regional schools MPLS network (Multi-protocol Layer Switch) at one of two network nodes
  • The Network Nodes are connected together with a 10Gb connection and are fully resilient.
  • The connections between the circuit providers, BT, talk-talk and Virgin are resilient with auto failover routing traffic in to the emPSN network.
  • The data centres each have a pair of industrial standard firewalls through which they connect to the Janet Network = A Fully resilient 10Gb connection to the Janet network.
  • The Firewalls are managed by Dell Secure Works, one of the world's leading firewall management and support companies.
  • The emPSN schools network infrastructure has been managed by KCom since its inception in 2000. There is a national Network Ops Centre which monitors the network 24/7.

The thinkIT started life as an ICT procurement framework for education, and was trusted by thousands of schools, either directly, or through MATs and Local Authorities. In addition to being selected as one of the DfE's Deal for Schools, they've also been used by the MoD and the Welsh Government to provide products, support and advice and guidance to their schools.

Think IT is a specialist IT procurement framework for the Public Sector.

Think IT was originally set up to support schools, Multi-Academy Trusts and Local Authorities supporting schools. Because of the success of the approach of the framework, it has now been extended to cover any Public Sector organisation

Why is the Think IT framework so good?

It saves you time, resources and money, because:

  • It has already been through a full competitive tender process and evaluated against criteria including cost, quality and service.
  • It has already been through a full competitive tender process and evaluated against criteria including cost, quality and service.
  • It has favourable terms and conditions for the customer.
  • It has been reviewed by the DfE, MoD, Cabinet Office, numerous Local Authority and MATs.

emPSN connection

Additional features of their connectivity service include a network connection via Janet to the internet and a wide range of peered services e.g. MS Office 365, Google, Google Apps and the BBC - this saves the schools internet bandwidth as the traffic is routed directly to the school from these services rather than going over the internet.

Also included are a free connection to the NEN, British Pathe, Audio Networks, Listening Books and National Theatre and emPSN can support schools in changing their application service provider without changing their connectivity.

emPSN works with Multi-Academy Trusts and clusters of schools to offer an aggregated pricing structure if required.

To find out more about emPSN, please website their website www.empsn.org.uk, or email empsn@empsn.org.uk or call 01604 879869.