Infrastructure as a Service

Schools IT infrastructure is rarely thought through with a hotchpot of hardware additions, short lived strategies and boom (if only) and bust budgets, leading at best to an IT system held together by sticky back plastic at worst a non-functioning IT nightmare.

Faced with such a common scenario schools IT technicians have 2 choices- try to slowly over time fix things (whilst being run ragged as Rome collapses around you) or flatten everything and start again.

Using over 25 years of education IT experience eSafety4schools has developed a proven golden Microsoft solution that puts you as the school’s IT technician back in charge. By removing bottlenecks, app conflicts, file inconsistencies and all the other gremlins that have snuck into the school’s network eSafety4schools will deliver a clean system that can greatly speed up the schools network and reduce its complexity.

The result are that the schools IT ‘just works’ and fades into the background as an issue which allows the schools on-site technicians to dedicate their time to end users with the confidence that the core services

Features Include

  • Clear and defined infrastructure designed with your input.
  • Fully documented post installation staff guides.
  • Dedicated on site support upon completion.
  • Designed alongside schools our vanilla system is 80% ready to go “out of the box”. The remaining 20% is down to your schools unique requirements. No mess. Fast turnaround. Perfect results.
  • Secure, automatic remote backup. No more backup tapes.
  • Secure remote access for all staff, even to the school management system.
  • Your network simplified, documented and labelled.
  • 100% success rate.