Web Protect

Web Filtering

The eSafety4schools managed McAfee Web Protect Filtering service provides complete web and content filtering that exceeds the DfE’s KCSIE requirements -McAfee is a member of the IWF, incorporates the CAIC list and holds numerous government accreditation both ISO.

Groups and Policies

As standard eSafety4schools will pre-configure Web Filtering policies for schools based on groups – for secondary schools this is mainly MS AD groups to ensure granularity as Yr. 7 children and Yr. 13 are very different, whilst for Primary schools the groups are normally based on the type of user - Pupil; Teacher; Administrator and SLT/Headteacher.


With policy being applied on a group or user basis reports can be produced on a daily on demand or weekly as required. Reports can be built to suit the school’s requirement – most viewed sites, most denied, search terms blocked - at all times the eSafety4schools support team are here to assist the school and ensure they receive maximum value from their investment


Once the initial settings of the groups and polices have been deployed, delegated administration permissions will be set up for nominated school uses so that they are able to undertake minor updates while eSafety4schools provides an overarching managed service which includes comprehensive teacher led support and a full SLA – we welcome schools contacting us for support or to just ask Internet and security related questions at any time.


eSafety4schools primarily chose McAfee Web Protect to be the product we based our service on due to its market leading security, the comprehensiveness of its solution and flexibility of delivery. For user-initiated web requests, McAfee Web Protect first enforces the schools Internet use policy. For all allowed traffic, it then uses local and global techniques to analyse the nature and intent of all content and active code entering the school’s network via the requested web pages, providing immediate protection against malware and other hidden threats. And, unlike basic packet inspection techniques, McAfee can examine secure sockets layer (SSL) traffic to provide in -depth protection against malicious code or control applications that have been hidden through encryption.